Honesty is the best policy

When it comes to decision-making that affects others or involve others in some way- which I think most of our decisions do in one way or the other- I have come to realize that honesty is the best policy. Telling people what you really think is like taking a huge sack from behind your back and setting it down. Because, when you lie you create an image of yourself that you are going to have to live up to for the rest of your life and that’s just a huge pressure on you. The only way you can maintain it is with further losses of credibility, stress build up and overall dis-satisfaction – Simply because what is not real will never satisfy nor succeed.

Truth on the other hand has been freeing to represent. You can be who you are without having to alter what is. Surprisingly vulnerability earns nothing other than respect contrary to my earlier impression that I would be looked down upon for revealing my true self especially when it came to what I viewed as my weaknesses. But most people can relate and a lot of times others may have a completely different perspective on what we view as a weakness.

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What I love about Thanksgiving is that it is a day that reminds us to be thankful , which in turn leads us to be happier!

To be thankful for the turkey or if you cheat like me, the whole tandoori chicken 

to be thankful for the getting together with family and friends

to be thankful for the beautiful colors of fall all around

to be thankful for the food on our plates and the roof over our heads

to be thankful for board games, social interactions and family fun

to be thankful for cozy blankets and late night movies

to be thankful for coffee and corn bread the next morning!

Happy thanksgiving to my small WordPress family that I am slowly getting to know and growing to love 🍁

Hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving!

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