For the love of Words…


Words Penspoken is a space of love for me to express Words for many reasons.

Words are a powerful means of communication. In this space you will find:

Words used to spread happiness, love and support through positive quotes, pictures and messages.

Words used to communicate love and moral values in much needed conversations with children in the form of Short stories.

Words used to create and stand for awareness on the importance of taking care of ourselves – our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Words used to share my Journaling Journey. For the love of words, what is a Writer who is not a Reader? This space will pay its tributes to other Writers and Authors, share inspiration, thoughts, perspective and introspection on excerpts from the books I read. Topics of interest include Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutrition, Self growth, Parenting.

Words used to send out support in a small, still and silent voice for social issues and other topics that often go unspoken or rather not spoken of enough, if not Penspoken. Some topics of interest include Mental Health Issues in Adults and in children, Parenting challenges in today’s times, Coping with Bullying, Persecution of any kind and Climate Change, to name a few.

Words Penspoken